Customer Care

Hotel Mango has diligent customer care that is always ready to serve you and makes your stay a memorable experience. Feel free to asks our friendly and helpful staff about the best in Tampere, its best attractions, its restaurant suggestions or tips for your stay in Tampere so that you can make your stay an enriching experience.

Reception is available in the ground floor and it remains open from 07 to 23 hrs every day. In case of urgency outside the reception hours, customers can use the reception bell available on the main door of the hotel and without any delay the staff will attend you and serve you to your most satisfaction.

Our customer care information is a given below:

Tel : 010 6662111
International :
Tel : +358 10 6662111

Reservation/General Inquiries:

In case of emergency, call  SECURITAS security (Tel. 020 491 2690).